Cancer detection

Together with our partner Qurin Diagnostics we are working on the development and commercialization of a diagnostic platform for early detection of cancer in urine, which is an accessible and easy-to-use diagnostic test. 

Detection as a crucial part of the treatment

Being diagnosed with cancer is as devastating for the patient as it is for the loved ones and for society. Cancer is a final stage of a process characterized by accumulation of epigenetic and genetic alterations. Treatment still proves to be complex when the disease is diagnosed at an advanced stage. Thus, we at Surfix believe that an early diagnosis will significantly contribute to an effective treatment and prevent a severe course of the disease.

Together with our partner, we are developing a versatile photonic biochip platform for early diagnosis by noninvasive cancer testing, using urine as a liquid biopsy and detecting free hypermethylated DNA. 

Biomarker Technology

The easy to use, affordable, fast and accurate diagnostic device for mass screening will detect the disease in an early stage, is combined with biomarker panels specific for multiple cancer types and thereby significantly increase the survival of cancer patients.

To reach this goal we are simultaneously developing a photonic based diagnostic instrument and biomarker panels for numerous subtypes of cancer in collaboration with our academic and industrial partners.

An extremely sensitive biological detection platform is developed, using Surfix’s material-selective surface modification technology based on our photonic biochip. The early cancer detection is based on DNA detection and only very small fragments of hypermethylated DNA are contained in urine sample. The detection of low pM concentrations of small target DNA fragments (5-10 kDa) is still possible as small as 10pM as  demonstrated in the measurements on the left side. 

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